About Mahrajshri

SHRI VRAJESHKUMARJI is the 16th descendent of SHRI MAHAPRABHUJI, the  founder  of  “SHUDDHADVAIT  PUSHTIBHAKTI  MARG”  popularly  known  as  “PUSHTIMARAG”. His Holiness has done very hard work for the propagation of “PUSHTIMARG” to various countries like United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. His holiness has attracted many Vaishnavas towards our religion by simple nature and his speeches. 

Suggestions,  Information  provided  by  His  Holiness  has  given  many Vaishnavas  Enthusiasm,  Strength  and  new  direction  to  succeed.  “VRAJDHAM” is the dream of his holiness and with god’s blessing it has been  completed successfully. Number of Vaishnavas visit “VRAJDHAM” daily for  having darshan of LORD SHRINATHJI, yourself and to benefit from your  speeches.   

It is not possible to give his introduction because it’s just a similar to putting  candle in front of sun for light. Your vision is always being a reason to help  mankind. Your knowledge about literature, music, understating a human  nature etc. is always be remember as a true Leader.